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Study on golden oyster mushroom mycelium Pleurotus Citrinopileatus singer

Show simple item record Rozsa, Melinda Apahidean, Maria Gocan, Tincuța Marta 2021-04-15T06:38:17Z 2021-04-15T06:38:17Z 2017
dc.identifier.citation Rozsa Melinda, Maria Apahidean, Tincuța Marta Gocan. 2017. "Study on golden oyster mushroom mycelium Pleurotus Citrinopileatus singer". Lucrări Stiinţifice USAMV - Iași Seria Horticultură, 60(2): 111-116.
dc.description.abstract Few mushrooms areas spectacular as Pleurotuscitrinopileatus Singer.Its brilliant yellow color astonishes all who first see it. This species forms clusters hosting a high number of individual mushrooms, whose stems often diverge from a single base. Spicy and bitter at first, this mushroom imparts a strong nutty flavour upon thorough cooking. P.citrinopileatus grows quickly through pasteurized straw and sterilized sawdust, and thrives at high temperatures.The present study carried out to evaluate suitable grain substrates for spawn development, growth and yield of P. citrinopileatus.The grains taken for this study were wheat, sorghum, millet and maize. A total of four treatments replicated five times were taken under the complete randomized design. The minimum time taken for mycelium run was 17 days and maximum time taken from simulation to primordial initiation was recorded by millet grain spawn. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Iași en_US
dc.subject mushrooms en_US
dc.subject Pleurotus citrinopileatus en_US
dc.subject grain substrates en_US
dc.subject spawn en_US
dc.subject ciuperci en_US
dc.subject substrat de cereale en_US
dc.subject miceliu en_US
dc.title Study on golden oyster mushroom mycelium Pleurotus Citrinopileatus singer en_US
dc.title.alternative Studiu privind miceliul ciupercii aurii Pleurotus Citrinopileatus singer en_US
dc.type Article en_US M. Rozsa, SC CIUPERCĂRIA SRL, Aghireşu-Fabrici, Cluj County, România M. Apahidean, T. M. Gocan, University of Agricultural Sciences and VeterinaryMedicine, Cluj-Napoca, România
dc.publicationName Lucrări Stiinţifice USAMV - Iași Seria Horticultură
dc.volume 60
dc.issue 2
dc.publicationDate 2017
dc.startingPage 111
dc.endingPage 116
dc.identifier.eissn 2069-8275

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