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Swampy soils in the Lower Dniester meadow of Moldova

Show simple item record Leah, Tamara Cerbari, Valerian Ceban, Tamara 2021-03-11T09:07:11Z 2021-03-11T09:07:11Z 2019
dc.identifier.citation Leah, Tamara, Valerian Cerbari, Tamara Ceban. 2019. "Swampy soils in the Lower Dniester meadow of Moldova". Lucrări Ştiinţifice USAMV - Iaşi Seria Agronomie 62(2): 141-144.
dc.description.abstract Swampy soils in the Lower Dniester floodplain are distinguished by high biogenesis at the early stage of their development. This is due to the fact that not abiotic rocks are involved in the primary soil formation, but redeposited of river basin erosion products, which are the upper, most fertile soils - grey soils, chernozems and alluvial soils. The swampy soils at the beginning of the silty stage and long before the vegetation settled on them already contain enough organic matter and all the necessary nutrients for plants. For the same reason, the development rate of most floodplain swampy-silty soils turns out to be extremely high fertility and they acquire signs of zonal soil formation relatively quickly. The phenomena of salinization and alkalinization of swampy-silty soils are confined to a later stage of their development (meadow-swampy). Usually, salinization starts from the marginal periphery of the marshes and very slowly penetrates into the inland areas of the floodplain. The riverbed edge of the marshes can remain non-saline for a very long time. Without drainage the development of swampy soils, the salinization begins immediately after its embankment and drainage. The inevitability of this process has been confirmed by the improvement practice of melioration the swampy soils in the lower reaches of Dniester floodplain. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Iaşi en_US
dc.subject Lower Dniester en_US
dc.subject soil fertility en_US
dc.subject swampy soils en_US
dc.subject soil genesis en_US
dc.title Swampy soils in the Lower Dniester meadow of Moldova en_US
dc.type Article en_US Tamara Leah, Valerian Cerbari, Tamara Ceban, “Nicolae Dimo” Institute of Pedology, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection, Chisinau, Moldova
dc.publicationName Lucrări Ştiinţifice USAMV - Iaşi Seria Agronomie
dc.volume 62
dc.issue 2
dc.publicationDate 2019
dc.startingPage 141
dc.endingPage 144
dc.identifier.eissn 2069-6727
dc.identifier.eissn 2069-6727

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