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Results obtained from sweet cherry breeding in Iaşi, Romania

Show simple item record Iurea, Elena Sîrbu, Sorina Corneanu, Gelu Corneanu, Margareta 2022-04-08T11:22:07Z 2022-04-08T11:22:07Z 2022-03-17
dc.identifier.citation Iurea, Elena, Sorina Sîrbu, Gelu Corneanu, Margareta Corneanu. 2021. “Results obtained from sweet cherry breeding in Iaşi, Romania”. Journal of Applied Life Sciences and Environment 54 (3): 333-341. DOI: en_US
dc.description.abstract From 1994 - 2016, the Research Station for Fruit Growing (RSFG) Iași approved 28 cherry cultivars, of which three were early cultivars (Cetăţuia, Cătălina and Amaris), 20 were middle maturation cultivars (Maria, Golia, Ştefan, Bucium, Iaşirom, Tereza, Lucia, Radu, Oana, Alexus, Andreiaş, Ludovan, Cociuvaş, Iosifan, Paulică, Mihailis, Muşatini, Elaiaşi, Amar Maxut, and Amar Galata), and five had late maturation (Andante, Marina, Croma, Margonia, and George). Van, as the most widespread cultivar in Romanian orchards, was used as a control. The sweet cherry cultivars were created through direct hybridisation or free pollination. Maria Cultivar is the first Romanian self-fertile cultivar. The locally approved bitter cherry biotypes are Amar Maxut with black fruit, Amar Galata with double-coloured fruit, and Amaris with dark red fruit. Regarding the tree’s vigour, cultivars Amaris, Tereza, Ştefan, and Golia recorded weak vigour, in comparison with the other cultivars, which had medium vigour. Bitter-tasting cherry cultivars have semi-firm pulp with semiadherence to the stone, and the fruit weight was under 7 g. All 28 cultivars presented high precocity, productivity, fruit quality, and resistance to frost, drought, and diseases. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" University of Life Sciences, Iași en_US
dc.subject cultivars en_US
dc.subject fruit en_US
dc.subject hybridisation en_US
dc.subject maturation stages en_US
dc.subject traits en_US
dc.title Results obtained from sweet cherry breeding in Iaşi, Romania en_US
dc.type Article en_US Elena Iurea, Sorina Sîrbu, Gelu Corneanu, Margareta Corneanu, Research Station for Fruit Growing, Iași, Romania
dc.publicationName Journal of Applied Life Sciences and Environment
dc.volume 54
dc.issue 3
dc.publicationDate 2021
dc.startingPage 333
dc.endingPage 341
dc.identifier.eissn 2784 - 0360

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