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  • Macovei, Irina; Luca, Simon-Vlad; Skalicka Woźniak, Krystyna; Săcărescu, Liviu; Pascariu, Petronela; Ghilan, Alina; Doroftei, Florica; Ursu, Elena-Laura; Rîmbu, Cristina-Mihaela; Horhogea, Cristina-Elena; Lungu, Cristina; Vochița, Gabriela; Panainte, Alina-Diana; Nechita, Constantin; Corciova, Maria-Andreia; Miron, Anca (MDPI, 2021-12-30)
    Silver nanoparticles synthesized using plant extracts as reducing and capping agents showed various biological activities. In the present study, colloidal silver nanoparticle solutions were produced from the aqueous extracts ...