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The institutional digital repository of the University aims to promote values and personalities belonging to the Romanian agricultural culture and science, pre- and postwar, as well as to popularize the scientific production of the university's academic community.

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  • Neculai Văleanu, Andra-Sabina; Ariton, Adina-Mirela; Mădescu, Bianca-Maria; Rîmbu, Cristina-Mihaela; Creangă, Șteofil (MDPI, 2021-05-31)
    Nanomaterials have been used for diagnosis and therapy in the human medical field, while their application in veterinary medicine and animal production is still relatively new. Nanotechnology, however, is a rapidly growing ...
  • Cibotaru, Sandu; Năstasă, Valentin; Sandu, Andreea-Isabela; Bostanaru, Andra-Cristina; Mareș, Mihai; Marin, Luminița (Elsevier B.V. on behalf of Cairo University, 2021-07-09)
    Introduction: Cancer is a big challenge of the 21 century, whose defeat requires efficient antitumor drugs. Objectives: The paper aims to investigate the synergistic effect of two structural building blocks, phenothiazine and ...
  • Cojocaru, Florina D.; Balan, Vera; Tanase, Constantin-Edi; Popa, Ionel-Marcel; Butnaru, Maria; Bredețean, Ovidiu; Mareș, Mihai; Năstasă, Valentin; Pașca, Aurelian-Sorin; Verestiuc, Liliana (Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l., 2020-11-30)
    Fine-tuning of the scaffolds structural features for bone tissue engineering can be an efficient approach to regulate the specific response of the osteoblasts. Here, we loaded magnetic nanoparticles aka superparamagnetic iron ...
  • Brandão, J.; Gangneux, J.P.; Arikan-Akdagli, S.; Barac, A.; Bostanaru, Andra-Cristina; Brito, S.; Bull, M.; Çerikçioğlu, N.; Chapman, B.; Efstratiou, M.A.; Ergin, Ç.; Frenkel, M.; Gitto, A.; Gonçalves, C.I.; Guégan, H.; Gunde-Cimerman, N.; Güran, M.; Irinyi, L.; Jonikaitė, E.; Kataržytė, M.; Klingspor, L.; Mareș, Mihai; Meijer, W.G.; Melchers, W.J.G.; Meletiadis, J.; Meyer, W.; Năstasă, Valentin; Novak Babič, M.; Ogunc, D.; Ozhak, B.; Prigitano, A.; Ranque, S.; Rusu, Oana-Raluca; Sabino, R.; Sampaio, A.; Silva, S.; Stephens, J.H.; ehupeiory-Kooreman, M. T; Tortorano, A.M.; Velegraki, A.; Veríssimo, C.; Wunderlich, G.C.; Segal, E. (Elsevier B.V., 2021-03-26)
    The goal ofmost studies published on sand contaminants is to gather and discuss knowledge to avoid faecal contamination of water by run-offs and tide-retractions. Other life forms in the sand, however, are seldom studied but ...
  • Năstasă, Valentin; Pașca, Aurelian-Sorin; Mălăncuș, Răzvan-Nicolae; Bostanaru, Andra-Cristina; Ailincăi, Luminița-Iuliana; Ursu, Elena-Laura; Vasiliu, Ana-Lavinia; Minea, Bogdan; Hnatiuc, Eugen; Mareș, Mihai (MDPI, 2021-09-26)
    Non-thermal plasma activated water (PAW) has recently emerged as a powerful antimicrobial agent. Despite numerous potential bio-medical applications, studies concerning toxicity in live animals, especially after long-term ...

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